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Coopération avec l’État de l’Uttarkhand

26 jan

Education and professional partnerships between the India State of Uttarkhand and France’s Ministry of Agriculture.

by Mireille-Joséphine Guézennec

India and You, january-february 2007

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Éducation et Coopération Internationale

20 jan

Educational and professional partnerships between the Indian state of Uttaranchal and France’s Ministry of Agriculture.
by M.J.Guezennec

Thanks to its immense economic, technological and human resources potential, India is taking great steps
forward. Evidently, in the current context of globalisation, the subcontinent is carving out the lion’s share for itself on the international scene. No one can be unaware of the fact that knowledge and human resources are the bases for such dynamism and blossoming on such a large scale. Thus education and the sharing of knowledge and know-how
are crucial tools in terms of heightening young people’s awareness of the values of a constantly evolving world.
In this sense,India is increasingly becoming a favourite destination, not only for tourism, but also for students and young researchers anxious to understand the facts and the real assets of this distant country, which is constantly drawing nearer to us. And while there are “many germs lying undeveloped in man”, as stated by philosopher Immanuel Kant,it is up to teachers and trainers “to make these germs grow, by developing his natural gifts in their due proportion, and to see that he fulfils his destiny”
(Kant on Education).

India &You – Janvier- Février 2007

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